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Where nature, culture, delicious food and warm people will take you through a journey to ancient caves, pristine beaches and international heritage. Perak is waiting for you and your family.

In June 2016, Lonely Planet named Ipoh as the 6th best place to visit in Asia. An inscription such as this from Lonely Planet sheds light on Ipoh as not just a cozy old town, but also a great place to visit and experience the life of the local people here. And in 2017, Lonely Planet listed the entire state of Perak as the 9th of 10 Top Regions in the World to visit in 2017.

In June 2016, Lonely Planet named Ipoh as the 6th best place to visit in Asia

Ipoh Food Trail Project

Ipoh is synonymous with gastronomic adventure and local food fest with its unique one-of-a-kind cafe’s and restaurant.. Locals and foreign tourist alike will head over to Ipoh for the pleasure of feasting on the vast variety of exciting cuisines available in any corner of the town.

You can find everything from the simplest street food and food-truck style kiosks to the mouth watering Indian food which has been in business for decades. Plus the latest craze with the ‘Hipster Style’ cafe popping up across Ipoh, gaining it the ‘Hipster Town’ nickname cited in newspapers, magazines and countless blogs.

Kellie’s Castle

Kellie’s Castle was built by a Scottish planter his name called William Kellie Smith from a little town in Scotland. He built the building for his beloved wife and the building structure same reason point (a symbol of love) such as Shah Jahan (Taj Mahal). But the love of the stories was different.

In 1890 (as Malaysia was known at the times), a young Smith at the age of 20 left his home farm in Kellas for Malaya. It is not known why he ventured to Malaya for career opportunities much less when he actually arrived. However, he integrated in to the community with ease. He bounced around several business opportunities finding some success but it wasn’t until he met an estate owner called Alma Baker. Baker obtained several government projects to built roads in South Perak and had won concessions from the state government to clear 360 hectares of forests in Perak. Their partnership in these projects led to quite a bit of profits.

Because of his fascination of the Hindu religion and India, he incorporated much of the elements in to his new home. Bricks and tiles were imported from India. He even enlisted the help of 70 Indian workers from Madras of South India as skilled laborers for the construction of the mansion.

Han Chin Pet Soo History Museum

As heritage houses go in the heart of old town Ipoh, the Hakka Miners’ clubhouse Han Chin Pet Soo is one of the more prominent ones and has been a source of curiosity amongst the locals who never got to enter it. It provides an insight into the shadowy goings-on at the tin miners’ club where prostitution, gambling, opium smoking and triad activities were carried out behind the elegant facade of the club. The exhibition also tells the story of the Hakka people and gives an explanation of the tin mining industry.

This is a one-off chance to step back in time, the four evils which tempted and tormented Hakka tin miners, both rich and poor, were Opium, Gambling, Prostitution and the Triads. These are explained in some detail in the museum. A unique exhibition this is suitable for all races and religions which provides a great insight to the early history of the Chinese in Ipoh. On the third level, there are reconstructed rooms from the 1930s and 1960s era and a showcase of the migration of the Hakka community from China.

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